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Reiki: Easy to Learn, Simple to Practice

Reiki training has been made simple through period of time. A Reiki Master / Teacher can now train anyone who wants to become a Reiki healer with an easy process called attunement. Each Reiki training class takes just few hours and one sitting for each level. Reiki training classes include complete lecture about Reiki and techniques to perform healing process on oneself and others.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an invisible natural universal life force energy which can be channeled and used for healing according to one’s needs. It can be learned with the help of a Reiki Master/teacher. One does not need to be highly educated or spiritually advanced to learn. Everyone can learn and use it for healing one self and even plants and animals.

Reiki and Religion

Reiki has nothing to do with religion. It is a gift of God open to all the living beings, irrespective of faith and religion. Reiki has been learnt and is being used by persons belonging all the religions, cultures and societies of the world. One does not have to believe any thing against one’s faith in order to learn and practice this wonderful system.

Benefits of Reiki

Benefits of Reiki are not limited to physical health. Reiki has countless benefits and can be used anytime, anywhere. It has great curative potential. It can be used for mental and physical relaxation, stress reduction, enhancement of self confidence, weight reduction and much more. Uses and benefits of Reiki are as many as one can think of.

Why Learn Reiki?

There could be several reasons but the most important of all is that by learning Reiki one gets a handy tool for self healing and personal development. It can be used for as many purposes as one can think of, except harming someone.

Who Can Learn Reiki?

One does not have to be highly qualified, great intellectual or spiritual guru to learn and use it. Anyone with common sense and basic education can learn and use it. Once learned, it is available anytime and everywhere 24/7. No machine or equipment needed. All that one needs is the hands.

Reiki Training: What I teach in Reiki Classes

The information given above is very brief and basic. Details are taught in training class. I offer Reiki training classes for all the four Reiki levels (also called degrees) of Usui Reiki. Each degree or stage takes just one session of few hours except the Teacher’s course. I teach small groups of not more than 6 persons at a time to ensure individualized and personal attention… read more
If you want to learn Reiki, please call ☏ +92 333 4657566 Dr. Shahzad Akram for further information.

ریکی پر اُردو میں معلومات کی ویڈیو

About M Akram Khan, Reiki Master / Teacher

M Akram Khan is Reiki Master/Teacher is a retired government servant holding Master’s Degree in Public Health Engineering. He is teaching Reiki since 2003 and has taught Reiki to persons of all ages and from all walks of life. His students include university and college teachers and students, civil servants, highly placed executives, business men, engineers, army officers (both retired and serving), male and female doctors, and housewives etc. He has also taught Reiki First Degree, Second Degree and Master 3A classes in Louisville, Kentucky, USA … read more

Reiki Training Classes in Louisville, Kentucky
Master 3A Reiki Training Classes in Louisville, Kentucky

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Health and Happiness!
Muhammad Akram Khan, Lt Col (R)
Reiki Master/Teacher
Lahore Cantt, Pakistan
Contact: +92 333 4657566 Dr. Shahzad Akram