Reiki FAQs: Answers to Common and Basic Questions about Reiki

This Reiki FAQs page has been written to answer basic and commonly asked question that people ask me before joining the class. Please read all of these. If you still have a question, you are welcome to contact me. In my training classes, I cover lot of details. Topics that I cover are briefly listed on this page.

  1. Is Reiki some kind of magic?
  2. Can I control some body’s mind with Reiki?
  3. Who can learn Reiki?
  4. Is there anything in Reiki against the religion?
  5. How does Reiki work?
  6. Can Reiki cause any harm?
  7. How can Reiki help me?
  8. Will Reiki surely cure me?
  9. If I learn Reiki, can I treat myself?
  10. How much time it will take to cure my disease?
  11. Can medicines be used with Reiki treatment?
  12. Who can receive Reiki treatment?
  13. Do I need to undress for Reiki treatment?

Is Reiki some kind of magic?

Reiki is NOT a magic. Since Reiki energy is invisible and does not meet the measure of our five physical senses, it is not believed easily. Reiki is a life force energy that exists all around us and is in fact part of us. It is a simple and natural life force energy that has nothing to do with any type of magic or unethical practice.

Can I control some body’s mind with Reiki?

NO. Basically, Reiki is meant for personal development at physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels. It can be used to heal psychological problems but cannot be used to control any body’s mind and ask him/her to do things of your choice. It cannot be used to cause trouble to anyone in anyway. Reiki is a sacred healing modality, NOT meant for stage performance or jugglery of any kind. If you wish to learn Reiki just to be able to control someone’s mind, then Reiki is not for you.

Who can learn Reiki?

Reiki energy exists in every living human being since birth. It only needs to be activated for use at will. This is why every human being, male or female has the ability to learn and use it at any age and carry out healing. It is the simplest, easiest and quickest to learn healing technique. No special educational, intellectual or spiritual level is required to learn or practice Reiki. Basic academic qualification and common intellect is sufficient. In addition, the only requirement is the genuine desire and decision to learn.

Is there anything in Reiki against the religion?

NO, there is nothing against the religion in Reiki. It has nothing to do with any religion except that Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki was a Japanese Buddhist; yet Reiki does not belong to Buddhism. Everyone can learn and practice without having to believe in anything particular.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki energy flows through the whole body especially through the affected parts and rebalances their energy charging them positively. It travels to every cell of the body, removes the energy blockades, clears the energy pathways and lets the life force flow naturally. This is a gradual process and requires regular treatment till the cure is completed.

Can Reiki cause any harm?

NO. Reiki is neither a physical medicine nor it works like one. Since Reiki is natural energy and nothing physical is administered in Reiki treatment, question of harm through it does not arise. One can never be harmed by Reiki even if it is used several times a day. There is no over-dosing or over-saturation in Reiki. It is always safe to use.

How can Reiki help me?

Reiki is not restricted to treatment of physical body. It has multiple uses and can help in many ways. It can help in prevention of diseases and improvement of general health, emotional stability, mental well being, repairing and improving relationships etc. Its regular use can make the user more confident, rational, calm and relaxed. Manifestation techniques used with Reiki can help in solving lots of problems and achieving various goals. Reiki helps in nearly all aspects of life and automatically takes care of many aspects without one even knowing those. It is thus considered an ideal tool for self-care.

Will Reiki surely cure me?

Fundamentally, no healing system can guarantee any cure. Cure is always a grace, never guaranteed by any healing system. Reiki has tremendous potential to cure the diseases though, yet it offers no guarantees and warrantees. While there can be miraculous cures through Reiki, at times there may be very negligible or no cure at all. Even otherwise every ailment is not curable. If there could be sure cure through any healing system, perhaps no body would die. As a healing system it should be taken as complimentary, not the alternative system. It is important to understand how Reiki works and attach realistic hopes only. One should not over expect from any healing system be it Reiki or whatever.

If I learn Reiki, can I treat myself?

Most, certainly. In fact this is what you should begin with and do it on daily basis. Not only yourself but you can also treat anyone else. This is taught during Reiki First Degree that you must start treating yourself from the day you receive the attunements whether you are sick or not. Unlike most other healing systems, Reiki teaches and advocates self treatment to begin with. You can also start treating others soon after initiation but the lesson is to begin with yourself.

How much time it will take to cure my disease?

Time required for cure of a disease through any healing system depends on many factors including but not limited to nature and severity of disease, cause of disease, regularity in treatment, patient’s response to energy etc. Thought pattern and mental attitude of the patient is extremely important because negative thoughts produce negative results and only hinder the progress of cure. Having understood these aspects it can be easily seen that cure time cannot be decided in advance.

Can medicines be used with Reiki treatment?

According to scientific findings, Reiki supports and increases the effectiveness of almost every other kind of medication and treatment. It is truly complementary, is neither disturbed by nor hinders any other form of medication. It goes very well alongside. In certain cases it might be advisable to supplement Reiki treatment with regular medication and vice versa.

Who can receive Reiki treatment?

Reiki treatment should be given to all those who are willing to receive it. Amongst other ethics of Reiki treatment, one basic rule is that Reiki treatment should only be offered not forced on any one. Free will of a person must always be respected and must never be violated. However, it might happen that a person says “yes” to the treatment outwardly but is not accepting it inwardly. Should this happen, the recipient is not likely to get full benefit from it.

Do I need to undress for Reiki treatment?

NO, definitely not. Undressing is NOT required at all. Reiki energy can easily pass through clothes and even blanket if you need to use one during winter. If a Reiki practitioner wants you to undress, better get away from him/her and find another one. All that you might need to remove is metallic jewelry and that too not all of it and not always. Choose the practitioner who does not go against the ethics.

If you still have a question, contact me. I will be happy to help you.

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